What We Do

Projects, Brands, and Programs

We provide organizations with a diverse selection of Subject-Matter Experts to be their Experts-In-Residence (XIRs).

What We Do


We, at T.O. Guy, LLC., are your Technical and Entrepreneurial Strategists; We are your Behind the Scenes Support Team; We provide support to projects for individuals, start-ups, and corporations. We create and manage apprenticeship programs that enable passionate, fast learning, ambitious, would-be entrepreneurs, career changers and entry-levelers to take over the world. We are the LINK that connects ideas to successful implementations. We are a Boutique Incubator Support Club that specializes in workforce development, project support, SME Brokerage and entrepreneurial strategy.

T.O. Guy, through our partnerships with Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs), provides budding entrepreneurs and job seekers with an easy transition from inactivity or even complacency to a plethora of opportunities turning one’s vision into a viable reality within a collective framework.

Check out some of our current projects and a couple of our partners that we are currently working with!