Category: Support

Category: Support

The Idea Wingman

The Idea Wingman is a (maximum 1 year) start up/ project support system that has three sub programs. Program 1 is free to eligible participants and it includes hands on support through the start up process. Program 2 is an extension of the partnership with Biz Factory and includes on site IT related small business

That One Camp

That One Camp is an adults only interactive conference, where the campers are able to explore their creative interests. Campers will walk away having had experienced what it would be like to be in a different field. These experiences include, but are not limited to making short movies, recording a song, performing live, making a

Winner for Charity

Winner for Charity at is a fundraising service that helps charitable organizations raise funds, through competitive challenges. The community pays to compete for bragging rights, trophies and prizes and the net proceeds are all given to charity.