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What is T.O. Guy, LLC? - T.O. Guy, LLC. is a boutique incubator support club made up of leaders, dreamers, doers, but above all, Partners with three common goals: To provide project Support, Training and Entertaining Strategic Guidance to early stage startups, nonprofits, incubators AND most importantly, people with ideas.


Above All, Be Generous and Helpful without Expectation!

Being an Idea Wingman is about acting, exhibiting, motivating, volunteering, enabling and going beyond the needs of oneself in order to take someone's idea to the next level.


Above All, Be Generous and Helpful without Expectation!

Every success story begins with an idea, however, every idea doesn’t become a success story. We, at T.O. Guy, are doing something about that. We believe that by providing assistance, training and project support, the likelihood of more ideas turning into successful realities are exponentially possible. We help creative people develop actionable, doable plans for the many different projects they have going. We, then, provide the accountability and hand-holding they need to get their project done.

If you need us to be more hands on, we do that too. To put things in perspective, think of it like this, after watching a movie, have you ever taken the time to read the names of the non actors in the credits? Most people don’t. In a nutshell, we are the support staff for ideas and careers and what we do best is make sure everything, behind the scenes, runs smoothly. We are Idea Wingmen; We are Project Coaches; We are Career Counselors; WE ARE T.O. GUY!

What We Do

Projects, Brands, and Programs

We provide organizations with a diverse selection of Subject-Matter Experts to be their Experts-In-Residence (XIRs).

What We Do


We, at T.O. Guy, LLC., are your Technical and Entrepreneurial Strategists; We are your Behind the Scenes Support Team; We provide support to projects for individuals, start-ups, and corporations. We create and manage apprenticeship programs that enable passionate, fast learning, ambitious, would-be entrepreneurs, career changers and entry-levelers to take over the world. We are the LINK that connects ideas to successful implementations. We are a Boutique Incubator Support Club that specializes in workforce development, project support, SME Brokerage and entrepreneurial strategy.

T.O. Guy, through our partnerships with Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs), provides budding entrepreneurs and job seekers with an easy transition from inactivity or even complacency to a plethora of opportunities turning one’s vision into a viable reality within a collective framework.

Check out some of our current projects and a couple of our partners that we are currently working with!


Ancillary Services

Behind The Scenes

To inexpensively provide quality Support, Training, Entertainment and Partnerships, we do additional services to keep the lights on.

How We Keep The Lights On

T.O. Guy is, first and foremost, an Incubator Club that specializes in workforce development, project support, market research and entrepreneurial strategy. We create and manage apprenticeship programs that enable passionate, fast learning, ambitious, would-be entrepreneurs, career changers and entry-levelers to take over the world. To ensure that we accomplish our missions with limited financial impact to the entities we are supporting, we offer the following services:

Small Business/Non Profit Tech Support
Chief Leasing Program

Join T.O. Guy

Be an Idea Wingman

A multipotentialite (A term coined by Emilie Wapnick) is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. They have no “one true calling”!

T.O. Guy is a collective of Idea Wingmen, made up of Mentors, Apprentices, Entrepreneurs, Specialists and multipotentialites that just want to contribute to something bigger than them. If this describes you, come join us!

Join T.O. Guy

Be an Idea Wingman

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, if you’re not sure you want to do just one thing for the rest of your life, you’re not alone.
Emilie Wapnick, TED TALKS
You may be overwhelmed by your extraordinary curiosity. Not only that. You may, in fact, be as capable in the field of chemistry as you are in philosophy or as skilled in music as you are in literature. And you want to do it all. Depth and diversity are exciting, stimulating and necessary.
Paula Prober, rainforestmind.wordpress.com

T.O. Guy stands for many things, but officially, it means “That One Guy” (the nickname affectionately given to one of the founders, Julian B., by their first customers when they couldn’t remember his name). It is the title given to all the Idea Wingmen that join the team, and as they grow, the title evolves to reflect them and their multipotentiality. The talents that each T.O. Guy in our collective brings to the table enables us to provide top tier support, offer outstanding training, and create awesomeness.

Chief T.O. Guy

This Idea Wingman is a biochemist, has dabbled in backup singing, and has developed a skincare line.

Jill B.
Presidential Idea Wingman

Jill has been an entrepreneur since elementary school. She co-founded T.O. Guy, LLC. when she was 11 and has been an Idea Wingman ever since.

Chief Visionary T.O. Guy

Julian’s favorite video game series is Metal Gear. The idea of creating a support team without borders partially came from Big Boss’s vision of Outer Heaven.

Julian B.
Strategic Idea Wingman

The “original” T.O. Guy, also known as, That One I.T. Guy, That One Start-Up Guy, That One Guy Who Has Alot of Ideas and That One Guy, Founder of T.O. Guy, LLC.

Creative T.O. Guy

This Idea Wingman is an creative artistic genius. She is also the proud founder of 57 North Hampton, a mental health advocacy nonprofit.

Janna P.
Artistic Idea Wingman

Janna is a specialist. Where most people can be considered a Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of None; Janna is a Master of Most Trades. Put her to the test and you’ll see.

To become an Idea Wingman is easy, all you have to do is be willing to help others bring their ideas to fruition, accept help from others to achieve your dreams and be a hard worker.

Where to Find Us

Come Drop Us a Line.

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Where to Find Us

Come Drop Us a Line.

645 Wynn Dr.
Unit # 5331
35814 Huntsville USA

If we can be of service to you, feel free to reach out to us.